Eight Personal Qualities for Success – Part 3

This is Part Three of a series covering the Eight Personal Qualities for Success.

In Part Two I covered, The Ability to Focus and Determining the Price You’ll Pay.  In Part Three, I’ll discuss Self Responsibility and Be Committed.

Self Responsibility

You are totally responsible for the success of your business and your life. There are no excuses. There may be set backs or economic downturns, or problems that affect your business.
Your suppliers or vendors may discontinue making or providing your favorite products or services, change the way they do business with you, or even merge with another company.
Economies change, corporate policies change, and prospects don’t buy from you, and the weather is too hot or too cold.
While those things definitely have an impact on you, the way you do business and the sales you make, it is important to realize that those things are beyond your control, and it’s up to you, and you alone, to accept responsibility for the success of your business.

No matter how bad you might have it, no matter what difficulties or challenges you might encounter, let me assure you that there are many people who have had difficulties and challenges far greater than any you are ever likely to encounter, and somehow, they manage to pull through. And you can do the same.
Here’s a little credo that can help you. It contains just 10, two-letter words:

“If it is to be, it is up to me.”

That simple one line sentence says it all. It places the responsibility exactly where it should be… directly on your shoulders.

Be Committed

Make a total commitment to your success. Once you have made the decision to be in business, be in that business. Jump in with both feet. Don’t let anything hold you back. Even more than getting into the business, see that the business gets into you.

Make a commitment that you are going to succeed, no matter what.

Don’t try to work two different jobs or projects at one time. You can’t do either of them justice, and you’ll likely end up frustrated and broke, and never know whether or not you could have been successful.

In Part Four of the series, I’ll cover The Extra Mile, Control Your Time, and Persistence and Determination.


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