How Attractive Are You?

How Attractive Are You?

My recent blog titled, “Do You Have To Be Available 24/7/365?” garnered quite a few comments and some of them got me thinking about the kinds of people we attract.

According to Phylameana lila Desy, “The theory behind the Law of Attraction is that we create our own realities. We attract things we want and we also attract things we don’t want. We attract the people in our lives, the stuff in our homes, and the money in our bank accounts through our thoughts and feelings.”

How does this relate to our real estate businesses? 

I’ll argue that our actions and attitudes attract certain types of clients.

If you’re the kind of agent who makes themselves available at all hours of the day and night, you attract those kinds of clients.  While many of those same agents will tell you they hate working with those kinds of clients, they’re actually attracting them through their words and actions.

Does a well-dressed agent attract a different kind of client that one in jeans and a t-shirt?

If you discount your work for a client, does the next client expect the same?

To make matters worse, people know other people like themselves.  It’s called centric behavior. So if you hated working with a certain client, you’re not likely to like any referral they send your way either. 

Want to change the type of clients you attract? 

First, you have to change the way you think and act. Second, you have to let some of the old clients go.  Not all business is good business.  Refer out those referrals to other agents and keep moving towards the “new” you.

Are you attracting the kind of clients you want to work with?


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