SUPRA eKEY for the iPhone – Technology Review

SUPRA eKEY for the iPhone

I had the chance to pick up and evaluate one of the first SUPRA eKEY adapters in Collin County. This device adds infrared capabilities to the iPhone so it can interface with the SUPRA iBox infrared lock boxes we use locally. 

The first thing I noted was the packaging states it is compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS.  We had to call SUPRA to confirm it is compatible with the iPhone 4. I’m using a 3G but will upgrade in a couple of months.

The first step is to install the eKEY software using iTunes.  I had to turn in my old Display Key and was issued a new companion Display Key to use with the old style AEII boxes.  Basically, the new Display Key is the same as the old one. 

The adapter costs about $60.  The other change is from annual billing of $180 to monthly billing of $17.50.


I placed the adapter on my key chain so I’ll always be able to open iBoxes. Afterall, are you ever wthout your keys or iPhone? 

The eKEY software allows one to program the iBox settings including shackle and CBS codes as well as many other settings.  As a heavy listing broker this was real reason to upgrade.

The eKEY updates over the air so there’s no longer a need to place it in the cradle or get out on the road with an expired key.


This would not be my first choice as a heavy buyer’s agent.  You have to insert the adapter into the iPhone to use it.  Personally, I’ll use the companion key when out showing.


All-in-all, I like the device.  Now if we could only talk Apple into adding infrared to the iPhone 5…

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