Coyotes in Ridgeview Ranch Plano TX


Sightings of coyotes and bobcats are quite common in Ridgeview Ranch. A sighting of a healthy coyote/bobcat does not constitute a threat to people and as long as their behavior is apparently normal, there is no reason for an Animal Services Officer to respond. Contrary to what many believe, these animals do not live only in rural environments. Many have adapted to survive in urban settings and there are coyotes in nearly every major city across the United States. In fact, there is a coyote pack that has been extensively studied for years that live in downtown Chicago.

These small predators may appear to be a threat but in reality they pose very little danger to people. In recorded history, there has never been a reported attack on a person by a bobcat or coyote in Plano. Throughout the entire state of Texas, there has never been an instance of a coyote or bobcat killing a person. By comparison, domesticated dogs and cats injure more than 600 people each year in Plano alone, and dogs are responsible for an average of over one death per year in Texas.
If you have a coyote sighting in your neighborhood:

• Do keep small dogs and cats inside at night.
• Do keep the covers secured on your trash receptacles.
• Do keep your dog and cat on a leash (as required by city ordinance).
• Do report the coyote/bobcat sighting to the DFW Wildlife Coalition (972-234-9453).
• Do try to consider that they were here first.

• Do not feed your pets on the back porch.
• Do not walk your small dog in wooded areas.
• Do not approach, chase, make noises at, chunk rocks or otherwise taunt a wandering coyote.
• Do not approach a coyote if it appears trapped, injured, or sick. Contact Animal Services immediately at (972) 769-4360.
• Do not ever try to touch a coyote.

Homeowners actually benefit from the presence of coyotes and bobcats because their predation keeps the populations of rabbit, rats, and mice under control and prevents infestations that occur in homes and businesses when vermin reproduce unchecked.

Source: City of Plano | Photo: Licensed from iStockPhoto

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