Please Rearrange Your Schedule!

I’m often amazed at the things sellers unknowingly do to make selling their homes more difficult.

I was scheduling showings for a buyer today. We have 9 properties to view and we are starting at noon. The order was set and showings were scheduled through our showing service.

About 2 hours after I set them all up, I get a call from the showing service. The last home of the day wants us to move our showing. The want us to show it before 12:30 or after 3:30 as their baby naps every day between these hours. Sadly I was not able to accommodate their request and simply did not show the property. I was not willing to rearrange an entire showing schedule and change 8 other showings to accommodate one seller.

If you are a seller, please let your agent know about these types of scheduling issues. The agent can add remarks to the MLS so agents working with buyers are aware of these issues prior to scheduling an entire day. You cannot expect agents to rearrange their schedules around a single showing. It takes time to lay out routes and schedule showings.

Buyers are moving quickly on homes lately so make it easy to show your home. If you have a unique situation, ask your agent adds it to the MLS.

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