What is the White Pipe in the Front Yard?

We recently received a phone call from one of our first-time home buyers. He had closed earlier in the month and while he was cleaning out the landscaping in front of the home, he had found an open PVC pipe. He was really concerned that there was a problem.

The good news is that pipe is nothing more than a clean-out for the homes sewer system. If there is ever a problem with the sewer system, a plumber can use the clean-out to diagnose the problem. Many plumbers have a snake with lights and a camera on the end so they can find clogs or breaks in the sewer lines.

The bad news is that it should be covered. However, it was an easy fix. We took him down to our local hardware store and purchased a rubber cap and a large clamp. We went back to the home and had him fixed up and ready to go in 20 minutes.

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Photo Copyright 2012 Imaged2Sell