It’s Time To Check Your Sprinkler Heads

I was out driving in the neighborhood on Friday when I can upon a home with a stream of water going 10 feet in the air. No, it was not a broken water line, but a broken sprinkler head.

It's Time To Check Your Sprinkler Heads

Since it was running during the afternoon on a weekday, the owner would not likely figure it out for some time. I left a note on the front door.

If you’re getting your sprinkler system ready for the spring, run a systems check. It’s really a simple process. Put the system in manual mode and turn on Zone 1. Go outside and check that all the heads are working properly. Go back and turn on Zone 2 and check it. Continue the process until you’ve checked all the zones.

Remember to put the system back in automatic mode and you should be good to go for the spring.