Find My iPhone – The Essential App

Last week Gina misplaced her iPhone. Usually this would not be a huge problem but we were leaving town the next morning for several days. I had installed the “Find My iPhone” app on my phone and iPad but had not yet updated her phone.

“Find My iPhone” is a “must have” application. It allows you to log into iCloud and locate your iPhone or iPad on a map. If your phone or iPad is ever lost or stolen, you can not only locate it, but the application also allows you to lock the device or delete all the data.

Gina’s phone was on silent that night so calling it did not help. “Find My iPhone” will over-ride silent mode and play a tone at the highest possible volume.

For some people losing their phone is an inconvenience. However, for many of us, our phones are a central part of our businesses. Do yourself a favor–install the free “Find My iPhone” app now. It will save you lots of time an aggravation later.

We wound up leaving town without her phone but we did find it when we returned home. “Find My iPhone” is now installed on her phone as well.

Click here to download “Find My iPhone” from iTunes.