Check Those Sprinkler Heads!

I was out walking early this morning and I came across a home with a broken sprinkler head. While the new “water feature” looked great, the entire zone was not working and the lawn was all brown.

Most people set their systems to run in the early morning so they do not lose water to evaporation during the day. The downside is that they don’t see the system running so unless some good Samaritan lets them know about the broken head it may be too late when they finally figure it out.

The best idea is to test the system once a month. Most systems will allow you to run each zone manually for a couple of minutes so you can quickly check to make sure the system is running properly. Broken heads can be replaced for a couple of dollars and a few minutes of your time.

Do yourself and your lawn a favor–check out your sprinkler system!

Photo Copyright 2012 – Tom Branch