Five Types of Salespeople

Achieving Rock Star Status

Just as different salespeople have their own different and unique personalities, they also have different skill levels when it comes to selling and servicing their clients.

As we discuss the various types of salespeople and classify them according to their skill level, you will no doubt recognize some of the people you know or have encountered in the past. And as we do, take an honest look at yourself to see where you might fit.

Professional Visitor

This person doesn’t have any problem making appointments. In fact, they thrive on it. They enjoy visiting and talking to people, getting to know them, and may even engage in a casual discussion of their customers’ problems.

Order Taker

These people don’t mind talking to customers, clients or prospects, if they don’t have to initiate the call. They are uncomfort­able making appointments, and would rather have the customer or prospect come to them.


These are “sales‑oriented” people. They have good product knowledge, but severely lack “people skills.” They operate from a sort of “hit‑and‑run” approach.

Problem Solver

These are salespeople who enjoy getting in front of people, ferreting out problems, needs and wants, and discussing workable solutions. They have empathy for the customer, can see the customer’s needs from the customer’s point of view, and enjoy helping the customer solve their problems.


In the business world, it’s not uncommon for companies and corporations to have a staff of lawyers, or “legal counsel,” on retainer to give advice in matters pertaining to the law, taxes, investments, mergers, or other difficult or legal situations. The Counselor knows that when it comes to important buying decisions, his or her customers – be they companies, corporations, or individuals – should be no different.

To them, buying any type of product or service is a serious matter, not to be taken lightly, and can be an important tool for satisfying a need, solving a problem, or adding to their profits, convenience or lifestyle. They know that their customers need professional and qualified representation and advice, and the Counselor will do whatever it takes to provide it for them.

How do your clients see you?


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