Ms. Buyer, We Rejected Your Offer On Our House-It’s Okay Because We’re Not Going to Give It Away

Counterpoint to Cindy Jones’ blog titled, “Mr. Seller You Didn’t Accept Our Offer On Your House-It’s Okay We’re Not Heartbroken


Dear Ms. Buyer,

You made an offer on our property.  The offer was nowhere near our asking price.  We have a great listing agent and our list price is actually below the median sales price in the neighborhood.  We understand that we have not done some of the upgrades that a few of the other sales have made and we factored that into our list price.

We were not sure how you arrived at your offer so we had our agent talk to your agent.  While there are 12 comparable sales in the neighborhood, your agent pulled the two lowest sales (foreclosures) and averaged them to arrive at her estimate of market value.  You then offered ten percent less and asked us to pay all your closing costs plus leave the media equipment.

Our agent talked to your agent but she held her ground that her estimate of market value was correct. We eventually decided that this was going to be a waste of time so we rejected your offer.

The nice thing is our home is paid for and while we would really like to sell; this is not a distressed sale situation. If you’re bargain hunting, please move on down the line and find another property. There are some short sales and foreclosures from the down-line builder available in the neighborhood. We understand that you are relocating from an area where properties are selling for 50 percent of what they did a few years ago, but that’s not the case here. 

We wish you the best of luck in your home search and hope you find that bargain you’re looking for.

PS – This is a true story.  We sold the property a couple of weeks later very close to list price.


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