Life’s Little Reminders

Double Rainbow Over Plano Texas

I had planned on releasing another blog in my Short Sales 101 series, but I snapped this photo this evening and it reminded me of something. 

So far it’s been one of those weeks-nothing has gone right. 

On Monday, we drove 37 miles to look at a listing that will be coming on the market only to arrive on location and discover the tenants had the doors bolted from the inside and had gone out through the garage.  Since all I had was a front door key I could not access the property. I’ll run out there again tomorrow and see if I can finish up the on-site work and get it listed.

Today, I took the SMART car in to Dallas to have the wrap installed. When I arrived, the installation manager remarked that it was the second SMART car in for a RE/MAX installation and mine was not on the schedule.  When I walked in the shop, I found my wrap being installed on someone else’s car. The poor guy working the installation was quit irritated as he removed the wrap from the car.  They were happy I got there a little early before they finished the job! Now I’ll have to wait another week before they’ll have the skins ready to be installed again.

This evening, we ran out to Irving to do a listing at 5:30 PM.  While we were there the sky opened up and we had quite a storm.  We need the rain, but the timing was bad, leaving us damp in both body and mind.

We were exhausted, both mentally and physically, as we drove from Irving to Plano.  We decided to stop and have dinner along the way at II Brothers, a neat local pub and restaurant.  As we pulled in the parking lot, the sun poked through the clouds and a double rainbow formed to the east.

The sight of it lifted my spirits and reminded me to take each day as a gift because we never know if there will be another.  I learned that lesson the hard way as I watched my spouse, best friend, and business partner survive cancer a few years ago. 

However, the daily grind can dull the senses until something comes along to remind you of the lesson.  This evening’s double rainbow was my reminder.

I’ll get back to Short Sales 101 tomorrow…

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