The Branch Team visits Cowboys Stadium

Thanks to Dave McKinney with Ignite, we had the opportunity to attend the last pre-season game. The Dallas Cowboys took on the Miami Dolphins.

Getting to Cowboys Stadium is a feat in itself.  A past client is the general manager of a local hotel so we parked there and took a cab to the stadium.  This wound up being a great idea.  Parking in the nose-bleeds (read: a very long walk) costs $35 and decent onsite parking is $60. The cab was $57 for the roundtrip and I didn’t have to drive!

The new stadium seats 80,000 and has room for about 111,000 with people standing on the ends. The jumbo-tron must be one of the wonders of the world. I’ve never seen an HD picture that large.  Everything else about the place is first-class.  Our seats were on the mezzanine level and offered a nice vantage point to watch the game.  The only time I watched the jumbo-tron was for field goals because you could not tell from watching the field.

The Cowboys did not play their starting line-up.  Stephen McGee was the starting quarterback and played the entire game.  He led the team to a last-minute win by getting the team in place to kick a short field goal. 

We had a nice evening out on the town and the home-team won. Thanks Dave!

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