Sorry, Buyers Do Not Want Your Home

If you are thinking of selling your home you might be pondering over what buyers want. That’s a good start, but maybe you should come at it from the other direction: buyers do not want to buy your home. Buyers do want to buy a house that will become their home. Think about these things to make your home into a house that a buyer will want.

What Home Buyers Do Not Want

Buyers do not want to do mental gymnastics to envision themselves living in a house. Don’t make people do too much work to understand the layout, rooms and property.

Buyers do not want a house that no one else wants. It’s human nature to want what others want. Price your home to sell and not to just sit.

Buyers do not want to pay for an over-priced house in an under-priced market, regardless of what you paid for it or need out of it.

Buyers do not want to see your stuff: cluttered kitchens, messy rooms, or your personal items in a bathroom are definite turnoffs.

Buyers do not want to smell your stuff: the litterbox, wet dog or morning bacon might be scents that you get used to, but other people won’t love them.

Buyers do not want to live with your stuff: your wallpaper, strong paint colors, brightly colored carpets, shelf paper from 1983 and 10 years of your kids’ trophies are definitely personal choices that a new owner may not care for.

Buyers do not want your projects: all those little repairs, clean-ups, fixes, smudges, cracks, rips, errors and mistakes…please take care of them before listing your house for sale. If you say to yourself “that’s a lot of work”, then so does a home buyer.

I see a lot of houses in St Charles, Geneva and Batavia so if you want me to come take a look at your house, give me a call. I can help you turn your home into a house that is perfect for the market…and a buyer.


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