Just Say No to Unwanted House Guests

Uninvited House Guests

We’ve been through a long drought in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Yesterday we received the first substantial rain since May. While the cooler temperatures and the rain are a welcome sight for many of us, the fire ants hate it!

The ants will be looking to relocate their nests to higher and drier ground. Within a few hours of the rain beginning, the ants will pack up and start moving.  The ants are more than happy to move in with you!

Homeowners should walk around their homes and look for any mounds or trails along their foundations. These mounds or trails are easily treated with insecticide purchased from your local Lowe’s, Home Depot, or your favorite home supply store.

We encourage homeowners to inspect their foundations every time they mow the lawn looking for fire ant mounds, carpenter ant trails, and termite tubes. While fire ants are just annoying, carpenter ants and termites can do severe structural damage to homes in a relatively short period of time. They also require professional treatment.

Looking for professional help? View our list of Dallas Pest Control Professionals.

Just say “no” to unwanted house guests!

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