Why Using a REALTOR is Key When Buying New

New Construction

I run into more and more buyers who think they don’t need a real estate professional when buying or building a new home. Not true! Here are just some of the reasons why agent representation is key when buying a new home:

    • A real estate agent works solely for the buyer and looks after his or her best interests.


    • Sometimes an agent has knowledge of negotiable items that a buyer may be unaware of. The agent’s negotiating skills can often save a buyer money, time, and headaches.


    • Sometimes builders advertise specials specifically to the real estate community. If you’re not working with an agent, you may never know about certain builder incentives that can save you money.


    • Builders use their own individual contracts. There is no standard builder contract for the new construction industry. Agents are knowledgeable about real estate contract language and can help buyers avoid any potential pitfalls.


    • Rather than physically going from builder to builder, an agent can gather information on builders and communities and provide it to the buyer ahead of time. This will help you narrow your search in a more efficient way.


    • Most importantly, the vast majority of new home builders will not offer buyers a price reduction based on whether or not they are represented by a real estate agent.

When you purchase a new home, the builder pays the agent’s fee. The buyers get helpful representation at no cost to them. This is a no-brainer. If you’re thinking of buying or building a new home, contact a local real estate professional first. We’re here to help.


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