Homes with Media Rooms in North Texas

Media Rooms in TexasMedia rooms have become the rage in North Texas over the past few years. According to, “A media room is a dedicated room in the home in which  a Home Theater is installed and enjoyed. You can do anything from a modest system with above average results for around $5000 installed to a sky is the limit scenario on both level of equipment and custom craftsmanship making the room anything you can dream of. Even for a fairly modest budget you can easily exceed anything you will see and hear in a Movie Theater without the crowd and people texting during your movie.”

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Horse Friendly Homes in North Dallas

Grand Estate With HorsesMention Dallas to someone not from Texas and they see oil wells and horses. Much of the stereotype comes from watching JR Ewing in the television series, Dallas. Most of the greater Dallas area is like any other suburban area in the country with homes on smaller lots and not an oil well or horse in sight.

The good news for people looking for horse-friendly homes is that there are plenty of homes in the North Dallas area where you can enjoy your horses. While there are a few in Plano, the vast majority of horse-friendly homes are located along the out edges of the North Dallas area.

While there are plenty of older homes, you’ll find a fair-share of new construction in areas allowing horses. The North Dallas area truly has something for every type of home buyer!

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Dallas Texas Homes for Sale with Basements

Basement Homes For Sale in the Greater Dallas Texas AreaI was recently talking with an out-of state friend who was visiting us. He told me if he were to move to Dallas, he would want to find a home for sale with a basement.

Homes with basements are very uncommon in the Dallas area so I asked him about his reasoning. He had visited Dallas a couple of years ago. During his visit, we had one of our typical spring thunderstorms and those storms produced a couple of tornadoes in the area.

It’s difficult to find newer homes that are built with basements although we do see the occasional wine cellar.


The expansive clay soil in the Dallas area makes it structurally difficult and cost prohibitive to build a home with a basement.  If you’re worried about tornadoes, special tornado shelters can be built offering homeowners a place to retreat from the storms.

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Outdoor Adventures in Collin County

Collin County Jogging Trail

We’ve come to know “cabin fever” much too well during this summer of extreme heat.  Driving to a client’s home most recently, I observed all that Collin County (Allen, Frisco, McKinney, Plano and Richardson) has to offer in outdoor recreation. 

Needless to say, the recent glimpse of cooler weather  brings to mind the welcome of  outdoor pleasures once again. Nature provides a comfort and a relaxing peace of mind. It’s a time to be “mindless” of events in daily life.

Another great feature of Collin County’s outdoor recreation are the subdivisions located close to the multitude of trails, parks, nature preserves and wildlife sanctuaries.  A recent first time homebuyer  was excited to find a home located  close to a beautiful local park and nature preserve.

Visit The Collin County Trails page for more information on all that Collin County has to offer.

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Happy Trails!

Susan L. Johnson