There is Water Dripping from a Pipe Over a Window

HVAC Drain

I received a phone call from a past client yesterday. He called asking about water draining from a pipe in the soffit of his home.

I knew immediately what he was talking about. It’s been warm in north Texas and many homeowners are switching on their air conditioning systems for the first time this season. Air conditioning systems produce condensation. Normally this condensation is caught in the primary pan and is drained into the main drain system.

If the primary drain becomes stopped up, the condensation will overflow into another pan located directly under the primary pan. This condensation is routed to the outside of the home and the exit point is usually over a window.

Why a window?  So the homeowner can see the water, realize there’s a problem with the primary drain, and get it fixed.  If you see water dripping from one of these pipes, it’s time to have your air conditioning serviced.

It’s a good idea to have the air conditioning serviced in the beginning of the cooling season so the unit is in top operating condition. Part of that service should include preventive maintenance on the primary air conditioning drain line.

Tom Branch, Broker, CDPE, SFR